About Us

What is Emote?

Emote is an easy-to-use commenting platform for website owners. It’s designed to provide an interactive and engaging experience for website visitors by allowing them to express their opinions and reactions through comments.

Emote is designed to allow website owners to quickly and easily moderate comments, ensuring that conversations stay on track and remain civil. With Emote, website owners can ensure a safe and secure online environment for their visitors.

Publisher-Focused Technology

Our commenting platform, Emote, was created with digital publishers in mind. We’re passionate about building a better web, and spend every possible moment working on our technology to help website owners improve their digital presence and distribute their content on a grander scale. Emote helps alleviate the demand publishers face for needing more time, resources, and money to increase user engagement and generate more collaboration.

Publishers can rest assured knowing that Emote (an Ezoic product) is a profitable company backed by Balderton Captial — the largest investor in the European Union. In addition to being a Google Certified Publishing Partner, we have been the proud recipients of many digital publishing industry awards over the years, from Google’s Business Innovation award in 2016 to “The Sammy” award in 2022.

Helping Websites Is What We Do

We are focused on improving the way website owners can provide a commenting system to get the most out of their digital presence. With features that make it easier for users to comment and share their thoughts, and a moderation system for site admins to manage the community effectively, everyone will have an improved experience to build strong relationships.

Emote gives website owners the tools they need to foster an active and thriving community around their content. We are excited to continue helping sites grow and reach their full potential.

A Trusted Partner

We are proud to be a Google Certified Publishing Partner and a trusted source for help with Google products.

As a member of the Coalition for Better Ads, Ezoic is dedicated to helping industry research to better understand how ads affect visitor experiences and ad-blocking rates worldwide.