Emote — Common Questions

Is Emote free to use?


How does Emote allow comments to be posted on my website?

Adding the two-line HTML snippet found in the owner dashboard will make Emote show up anywhere you place the embed script on your web pages.

How can I report inappropriate or offensive comments?

As a moderator, you can delete and flag comments you deem offensive and prevent them from showing in your comment sections.

Does Emote provide any tools to protect user privacy?

Emote does not share the information with other companies and keeps every commentator’s details anonymous.

Are comments searchable?

We are constantly adding new features, but this is an example of one that isn’t available at the moment.

How does Emote handle user accounts and authentication?

For security, Emote utilizes email verification for user authentication.

Can users customize the look and feel of the commenting platform?

Customization options for the appearance and styling of the commenting platform are planned for future development.

Does Emote support threaded conversations?

Yes, Emote supports threaded conversations with nested comments, including voting and replies.

Are users able to follow conversations or topics?

Users can receive notifications and updates through an opt-in email notification service.

Can users share comments externally?

Comment permalinks are available for moderators, and future implementation for sharing comments externally is being considered.

Does the platform integrate with other services or applications?

Emote integrates with WordPress, allowing the replacement of default WordPress comments with Emote. This integration is available through Ezoic.com.

What if I do not have an Ezoic account, can I use all the features?

All the basic features of Emote are available through an Emote account. However, additional features such as WordPress replacement, importing existing comments, and more moderation options are available when using Ezoic.

How can I contact Emote if I need help?


How can I submit feedback?

We appreciate hearing about your experience. Please submit all of your feedback via the form link below so we can continue to improve the product.

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