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Jack Martinez

1337 points · 1 month ago

Emote is awesome!!!!
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Build engagement with your brand.

Building genuine user engagement is critical to the long-term success of your business. Nearly all platforms (Google, Facebook, etc.) look at user engagement as a critical factor in ranking and distribution.

A single engaged conversation on one of your pages can improve these signals and improve your rankings. Google is publicly stating that searchers want social engagement as a source of content .


Your Comments, Your Data, Your Way

Emote is free to use and gives you complete control of all data collected. It includes tools such as AI powered moderation to make life easy.

Emote offers a universal login across the web, giving you access to more commenting users. It also supports the importing of comments from most major comments plugins.

Hands-on or hands-off, it’s your choice. For those wishing to be involved, you can respond to the conversations, moderate comments, and even send webhooks to notify your visitors something new is happening.


It's time to grow


Emote Key Features

Emote is the fastest way to increase engagement on your site and content, connecting you with your users in a lightweight, easy-to-use package.

  • Custom Placement

    With an easy copy-and-paste embed script, you can place the commenting section wherever you’d like to best fit the look and feel of your website. Engage your visitors and give them a chance to interact in real-time!
  • Moderation Wizard

    Make sure your comments stay on track with options such as sticky comments to keep the most important comments visible, or put certain commentators on a timeout, suspended, or deleted to avoid unwanted activity.
  • Comment Voting

    Most popular, most relevant, most up-to-date, you name it! You can vote and sort the comments to easily find the discussion that resonates with you and be a part of the conversation.
  • Live Updates

    Keep the conversation alive with email notifications for moderators and commenters without the need to navigate to a dashboard, plus use the webhook feature to not miss out on any new comments.

Build an Active Community

With Emote, website owners can ensure a safe and secure online environment for their visitors.

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Simple Integration

Use the script or plugin to quickly get started.

Moderation Options

Customize and manage your feed how you want.

Never Miss A Comment

Set alerts so you know when your users are active.

Spam Filtering

Emote detects and blocks malicious and harmful comments.